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PM10 Adobe PageMaker 7.0

Note: Training in this product will be discontinued after March 2004 since Adobe no longer will be supporting this product or offering it for sale.

Adobe is merging the Features of Adobe PageMaker into Adobe InDesign 3.0/CS. We recommend our clients take training on Adobe InDesign 3.0/CS.

Click here to link to Adobe InDesign 3.0/CS

Adobe PageMaker is the industry standard publishing tool for business users. In this course, students will learn how to seamlessly integrate and format text and images from may popular applications including Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office. With PageMaker 7.0 you integrate text and graphics from many sources into virtually any kind of publication including: newsletters, brochures, catalogues and stationary.

Course topics include:

  • Familiarization with the work area, tools, and palettes
  • Managing fonts and links
  • Creating and editing paragraph styles
  • Creating master pages and templates
  • Integrating PageMaker with Microsoft Office
  • Creating and editing tables and forms
  • Flowing and linking text for long documents
  • Print and pre-press basics
  • Creating libraries
  • Using styles, plug-ins and filters
  • Importing and editing graphics and text
  • Importing and exporting Adobe Acrobat PDF

Prerequisites: Macintosh or Windows OS

Duration: 2 days, 14 hours
Fee: $695.00 CDN + GST ($525.00 USD + GST)

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PM11 Adobe PageMaker 7.0 - Advanced

In this course, students will learn to take advantage of PageMaker's long document publishing capabilities. Using PageMaker's advanced Data Merge capability, students will learn to dynamically link content to a database, publish interactive PDF files and compile multiple PageMaker documents into a book.

Course topics will include:

  • Using Data Merge to create form letters, and direct mail campaigns
  • Preparing PageMaker files for commercial printing
  • Creating Books, Indexes and Tables of Contents
  • Integration with an ODBC database
  • Integration with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Advanced Adobe Acrobat Integration
  • Electronic Publishing with PageMaker
  • Using typographical controls
  • Creating templates and place holders
  • Laying out a chapter from a multi-chapter book using a style sheet and in-line graphics
  • Marking the chapter with index references and cross-references
  • Using the book command to combine all related publications into one for control over pagination and printing

Prerequisites: PM10 or permission of the instructor

Duration: 2 days, 14 hours
Fee: $695.00 CDN + GST ($525.00 USD + GST)

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PageMaker 7.0
PageMaker 7.0
PageMaker 7.0
Adobe InDesign 3.0/CS

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