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IL10 Adobe Illustrator CS (11.0)

Adobe Illustrator CS has set the standard for vector graphic production in both print and the web. Using Illustrator's powerful suite of tools both the creative and not so creative can efficiently generate compelling graphics for a web interface or print layout. Students will use the Illustrator interface to generate artwork that they will export for a number of different applications.

Course topics include:

  • Basic shape creation techniques
  • Transforming objects including scaling, rotating, distorting and shearing
  • Creating and painting with solid colours, gradients and patterns
  • Creating custom artwork with the brushes, pencil and pen tools
  • Creating text and shape effects
  • Using templates, guides and grids
  • Optimizing images for the Web
  • Importing and exporting files with Illustrator


Prerequisites: Macintosh or Windows OS

Duration: 2 days, 14 hours
Fee: $695.00 CDN + GST ($545.00 USD + GST)

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IL11 Adobe Illustrator CS (11.0) - Advanced

Illustrator CS Advanced incorporates a number of new features that allow the designer to produce realistic and professional quality artwork. Student will learn the features such as gradient mesh, symbols, and transparency which allow the designer a greater latitude in what they can achieve.

Course topics include:

  • Advanced path manipulation and drawing techniques
  • Using transparency effects and blending modes
  • Understanding the pathfinder tool
  • Isometric and respective drawing techniques
  • Advanced masking techniques
  • Creating realistic blending and shading
  • Advanced brush, pattern and texture creation
  • Integration with Photoshop, Flash and Acrobat
  • Using symbols
  • Advance file formats including SVG, SWF and PDF

Prerequisites: IL10 Adobe Illustrator

Duration: 2 days, 14 hours
Fee: $695.00 CDN + GST ($525.00 USD + GST)

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Illustrator CS (11.0)
Illustrator CS
Illustrator CS Advanced
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