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cimdi Hands-On Classroom Training

cimdi has learning centres in Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary. Our facilities provide your staff with the opportunity to learn with:

  • Less disruption to student learning environment - no need to reorganize personal work spaces for training sessions if no training facility is available
  • No pressure to continue to do work and learn at the same time
  • Software licensing is taken care of by the training centre not the client
"Certified Instructors" in the Latest Software Applications from Adobe, Macromedia and Apple - "Not Last Years Version"
  • We learn the newest software and complete exams before being able to teach you in our classrooms - look for copies of our certifications when at our learning centres - we proudly display them for you scrutiny
  • Currently Certified software-training professionals with 5 - 10 years experience
  • Provide guidance on best practices for real projects in the latest software
cimdi Modular Classroom Training Programs with the Certified Instructor - No contractors
  • Not using contractors ensures that students learn from the same Certified Instructor
  • Provide students the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned and absorb the new material before continuing to next phase of training
  • Time off between classes and regular classroom scheduling means that students can return and continue with their learning where they left off in a planned way

In certain situations it may be appropriate to design a training session for a group of employees. We can help you out with:

cimdi customized training to CTT Standards
  • Initial skills and needs assessments as set out by Certified Technical Training (CTT) Training Standards to ensure a positive outcome for training sessions
  • Creation of custom training materials, manuals and lesson plans for the training session
  • Learn through project centred training focusing on using materials relevant to the participant
  • Private group training in our classrooms keeps staff focused on learning without the distractions of the work place
cimdi After Training Support
  • Support is offered by Instructor who provided the instruction through email
  • Participants have the opportunity to retake any course within a three month period
cimdi Flexible Custom Scheduling

cimdi provides the opportunity for students to take their courses in segments. This greatly enhances the learning experience and the amount of material retained and the ability to put the concepts into practice.

cimdi Additional Benefits to Students - Classroom Training

Focused classroom training ensures that the student is truly focused and not running back to their desk to handle emails and telephone calls at breaks and lunch. Continual distractions lead to less retention of material by students and frustrations with competing job requirements when trying to learn new material.


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